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About Sultan Al-Khatib

Sultan Al-Khatib, pianist and conductor of the Iraqi choir, launches an international art competition funded by private funding through partnership horizons with TFS Technology Solutions. This competition targets the youth age group of 24 years and under. ADDustour newspaper interviewed him over the phone at his residence in Doha, Qatar.

Art Competition Held

sultan of arts - A unique international Art competitions

It took three years to prepare for it, as 1048 different and different universities and academics of different forms of different nationalities were contacted. It will be a rare opportunity for the young participants to spread and present their creativity under the framework of these international personalities after the adoption of four genres is classical music | Fine Arts | sultan of arts

Contest features        

Participation is free and seventy contestants have been accepted for each category. There are two types of awards are the jury award and the audience vote award. Perhaps the unique thing about these competitions is that the contestant was asked to submit (only one) work by uploading (video / photo) and within the required conditions, and it is, of course, open to all nationalities around the world as it is a global online platform. A lyric piece entitled (Ava Maria) by the author Catchesley accompanied by a musical instrument. In thealtomime, a scene (single or group) must be created, provided that it does not exceed (three minutes) entitled (Absolute Music). In the plastic arts competition, an artwork is intended to be created entitled (No life without Music ) and for ballet competition  performing an act from spartacus byKhachaturian  

sultan of arts launches a series of unique International Virtual Art Competitions in the following categories: Classical music, Ballet, Pantomime and Fine arts.

Honouring the spirit of the Founders, we regard inclusion and equal participation to be fundamental values for audition and assessment of the participants’ entries, wherever in the world they may reside.

The aim of these competitions is to showcase the beauty of young artists’ talent to the world through art and help them earn worldwide recognition.

The Competition is open to all nationalities of 24 years of age and under, free of charge and Cash Prizes are awarded. All auditions and assessment in the four categories will be based on video recordings of the participants.

‚óŹ Music competition

Performing Aria (Ave Maria) by Caccini. Registration for the 1st edition will open 15th September 2021.

‚óŹ Pantomime competition

Create an act, titled: Absolute Music. Registration for the 1st edition will open 15th November 2021.

‚óŹ Fine arts competition

An artwork titled: No Music, No Life. Registration for the 1st edition will open 15th December 2021.

‚óŹ Ballet competition

Performing an act from Spartacus by Khachaturian, Only the Duet of Spartacus and Phrygia, Act 3 Adagio, with playback music. Registration for the 1st edition will open 15th January 2022.

For further information about the Competition, please, visit:

The winners will be selected by both the Jury and online Audiences, and will be awarded Cash Prizes in each category, once they are announced in 1 month upon receipt of entries is closed.

To close, it will be honour for us to welcome students encouraged by your esteemed Institute to participate at our unique International Virtual Art Competitions for a mutual benefit of young talents, audiences, and institutions across the world.

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