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Display Solutions by Glimm

Who are they?

Glimm Screens International was founded in 2000 by Mr. Bjorn Bijster.

They have created a new global platform for new media which were introduced to different countries around the world.

Moreover, having its own manufactured projection film line, which is also available fully assembled on glass or between glass. There are different types of projection films that can be attached to or put in between different kinds of glass.

Their Services

Firstly, they are the manufacturer and capable to produce special films and foils for:

  • interactive touch solutions
  • holographic solutions 
  • interactive 3D solutions 

Hence it can be attached on different transparent materials like glass and acrylic for indoor and outdoor use.

Glimm Screens international is leader in the latest transparent display technology such as Transparent films for holograms

Glimm Interactive 3D Solutions
Transparent LED display
OLED display – Transparent
Transparent 3D LCD display
Transparent Glass screens.
Why Glimm?
Customers come first!
To clarify, wanting to provide products and services that serve you best. So, whenever you need them, want their products or want help: Glimm will be there for you.
Best price!
Because the organisation is small and flexible Glimm don’t have to charge you for overhead or personnel costs.
Perfect Resolution!
Glimm was founded because there were no high-quality screens for a reasonable price. Moreover, they offer products that really get the best out of your projector.
Satisfaction guaranteed!
Glimm acknowledges that after sales service is an essential element hence the product, they sell is top notch. So, if you have problems, now or in the future, just give a call, e-mail or visit their office and they’ll be happy to help you solve them.
The Screens are made of the best materials. Materials that last longer than most alternatives.
Clear images!
Glimm Holographic Technology
Glimm Holographic Technology
Uses the latest technology to produce all Screens, in order to provide you with images that will not only satify you but will amaze you… over and over again.

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