Fire safety standards include a wide variety of aspects, including uncontrolled fire ignition, prevention of ignition, fire development, and effects limitation. Regardless of its purpose, these aspects should play a crucial role in the design and construction of any building.

In Qatar, there is a particular need to ensure the safety of occupants. Here are the 10 best companies that offer fire fighting services in Qatar.

1. NAFFCO Qatar – National Fire Fighting Manufacturing FZCO

Founded in the UAE, NAFFCO has incorporated several fire fighting production companies worldwide. One of these includes Qatar’s Factory for Fire Fighting Equipment & Safety Systems, which supports innovative solutions in the fire safety industry.

They manufacture a wide range of fire safety equipment and products, all in accordance with the local and international fire safety standards. Qatar Factory is providing comprehensive fire safety solutions for the most delicate constructions.

The company also aims to safeguard people’s life and their property across all sectors as well as the environment.


Building No 195, Zone- 81,

Street 23 K, New Industrial Area, Doha, Qatar,

PO Box 55644


2. Hamilton Trading And Contracting WLL

Although fairly new in Qatar’s fire safety market, Hamilton Trading And Contracting have already become one of the leading fire fighting agents and product supplies companies. They offer a complete range of safety products to suit any industry requirement and safety standards required in the country.

Acquiring their product from world-renowned brands, Hamilton Trading and Contracting can guarantee the quality and the reliability of their products and services. Whether it’s personal protective equipment, industrial items, or fire-safe hand tools, their items have all earned the trust of both the public and private sectors.


Unit-14, Building-474, Street-340,

Zone-55, Al Ghanim Building, Salwa Road,

Doha, Qatar, PO Box-93530


3. Alpha Fire Services W.L.L

The Alpha Fire group of companies are known for their good quality products that they offer at very reasonable prices. Alongside their high-quality after-sales services, these valuable traits allow them to stand out from competitors.

Due to their hands-on management of all aspects of their business, they maintain a high level of client satisfaction. Its mission is to provide clients with reliable and safe products through intelligent sourcing and process optimization. From fire detection to fire protection, Alpha Fire Services can help identify all the necessary aspects of fire safety.


Al Rawabi Street, Muntaza

Zone 24, Street 840

PO Box: 39053, Doha, Qatar


4. Fireman Safety Services

By employing a team of certified and experienced fire safety engineers, Fireman Safety Services can provide clients with the most convenient fire prevention and fighting systems available in Qatar. They provide high-quality products and services as well as total safety solutions for all types of infrastructures.

These come in both partial forms for renovations and end-to-end solutions for new projects. To ensure their clients can always prevent the harmful effects caused by fire, Fireman Safety Services provide the most efficient and safe fire protection products.


Post Box:96197

Doha, Qatar


5. Dafoos Technical Services (Fire & Security)

As a company that relies on both experience and innovations, Dafoos offers safe, reliable, and technically superior fire detection, prevention, and fighting systems. These ensure safety and peace of mind for the employees and visitors of any, commercial, public, or private infrastructure.

Dafoos engineers and designers are not only licenses but also possess deep knowledge and appreciation towards the market’s demand. Because of this, they can design and supply reliable systems which comply with industry safety standards.

This results in faster responsiveness to potential emergencies, which is proven for various applications across multiple sectors.


PO Box: 200212 Doha, Qatar


6. Elite Fire Protection Systems W.L.L.

Proud of their fire protection solutions, Elite Fire Protection Systems practices mitigating the unwanted effects of potentially destructive fire. True to its name, the company provides high-quality services across the State of Qatar by ensuring their compliance with the relevant Fire and Life Safety Codes.

Professionals at Elite Fire Protection services undertake and execute all-inclusive fire detection and protection projects, from design to testing. They also do one-time maintenance as well as regular contractual maintenance work for their long-standing customers.


Barwa Commercial Avenue, Mesaimeer

Arkan Building. 10, 1st Floor, Office C101

Doha, Qatar


7. Advance Technical Services WLL- Advance Fire Protection System

Advance Technical Services is an electromechanical contracting and trading company specializing in fire protection, detection, various types of electrical services, and trading. They offer a wide range of engineering solutions and designs to ensure the highest level of fire safety.

Their professional team can supply clients with top-grade materials and install reliable products that lower the chances of fires. To make sure these products keep functioning they also offer to maintain them regularly. All this serves the clients’ safety and security in preventing any possible damages caused by a potential fire.


Door No, Mezanine floor

Building No.85, Street no 920

Al Munthaza, Doha


8. Firelink Qatar

Firelink is an end-to-end provider offering a wide variety of building security solutions. The company leverages in-house expertise and combines it with modern technology and innovative product solutions.

With the products from world-renowned manufacturers, they are able to meet the fire safety needs of their clients in commercial and residential towers, oil and gas sectors, hotels, hospitals, and other large enterprises.

Firelink professionals are also certified to widely recognized ISO standards for quality, environmental and occupational health, and safety management.


PO Box No. 10751,

Doha, Qatar


9. Irvine International Fire Protection WLL

Irvine International Fire Protection WLL aims to develop strategic alliances with our valuable customers by guaranteeing fire safety and prevention. They do this by offering customized core products and fulfilling all their needs with the augmented products, which they deliver and install within the smallest time limit possible.

With this innovative approach, Irvine International Fire Protection WLL was able to redefine fire fighting strategies for both internal and external environments. Their team of experts emphasizes the importance of covering all the aspects of the clients’ needs and requirements.


Salwa Road Mamura 56 Street No. 340,

PO Box 10141, Doha, Qatar


10. Unico Trading & Services

Unico Trading And Services is one of the most well-established fire protection contracting companies in Qatar. It’s a fast-growing service provider that continues to win new customers and grow the trust in its existing ones via its unique business approach.

Combining the traditional areas of distribution with their ability to provide end-to-end solutions, they can secure the safety of the occupants of any infrastructure. All this comes in a convenient package that, besides fire safety guarantee, also offers comfort and fuss-free installation and maintenance services.


Post Box No: 2582

Doha, Qatar


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