The Verge’s 2021 fitness and wellness gift guide

Illustration by Richard Parry

Help your loved ones stay healthy and happy with gifts suitable for all budgets

There’s nothing quite like a global pandemic to remind you how true that old cliché is: at the end of the day, health really is wealth. During these past two years, however, emotional wellness has become just as important as physical health, making gifts that focus on our mental wellbeing just as meaningful as those that impact our physical one. Luckily, our gift guide features a range of ideas that should appeal to both, many of which were solicited from The Verge staff and can still arrive on time even if the holidays are nearly here.

Below, you’ll find an under-desk elliptical for the friend who finds making time to go to the gym challenging, as well as the latest Apple Watch, the third-gen Oura Ring, and a pair of sunglasses that let you ditch your earbuds at home. We’ve also included gift cards for popular therapy and meditation services — perfect for those of us who waited until the last minute to start shopping — along with gifts that should also work well with any budget. Take a look and see what great stuff you can get to help your family and friends stay healthy and happy.

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