The Verge’s 2021 holiday gift guide for creators

Illustration by Richard Parry

Gifts for the aspiring and established content creators

From YouTube to Twitch to TikTok, or everyday photography, videography, and podcasting. To some degree, everyone is a content creator, whether it is a pursuit of a personal passion or for the consumption and streaming by a huge audience. Consequently, the most dedicated creators can also be the most difficult to shop for. What do you get for someone who is just starting out that will be most helpful? Or what about someone that’s a bit further along and more established?

If you find yourself shopping for someone in your life that is looking to start something fresh or take their craft to the next level, we have a few gift ideas for you to check out before you run out of time. Some, like the Sony A6600 ($1,798), are no small investment but are favored by YouTubers far and wide. Others, like Shure’s MV7 mic ($219), could jumpstart a serious podcast project or be used by a professional, while picks like SanDisk’s Extreme Portable SSD ($88) are now considered everyday essentials. And fun ideas like the Ikea Lanespelare ($25) and Philips Hue Lightstrip kit ($80) could be a great choice for anyone who wants to freshen up the decor in a studio or streaming space, as they look great on-camera.

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