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Update 3:25PM ET, December 16th: Best Buy has sold out of consoles for now. This one lasted a bit longer than some recent restocks, though availability seemed dependent on your location and proximity to Best Buy stores.

If you’re currently shopping for a PlayStation 5 console and have been recently striking out with restocks at Walmart, Costco, and other retailers, you have another chance right now at Best Buy. The electronics retailer just opened up a fresh batch of PlayStation 5 consoles for $499.99. Best Buy is only selling the disc-based version, however, not the Digital Edition.

Be sure to log in and queue up on Best Buy’s site, with your billing and shipping info saved. Click the “Add to Cart” button on the right to jump into the waiting line, and stay calm. You don’t need to refresh the automated system, though, you may be prompted to verify your account when it’s your turn. After that, you should be able to see if there are any PS5 consoles available in your area (it’s currently only available for in-store pickup).

We know time is getting short if you want Sony’s next-gen console under the tree in a couple of weeks, and we are continuing to track restocks as they roll out at various retailers. Be sure to also subscribe to the Verge Deals newsletter for the latest tech and gadget savings we can find and deliver right to your inbox twice a week.

Some essential PS5 extras to consider

If you do manage to secure a PS5, there are a few extra accessories and games we highly recommend you pick up alongside your console or shortly afterward.


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