Level’s planning a very visible keypad for its very invisible smart locks

Image: Level

Level teased a new keypad product on its website today (via HomeKit News) that will give owners of the company’s elegant and discreet Level Touch smart locks another way to access their homes. The Level Keypad will also apparently work with previous models, including the original design that hid inside existing deadbolt hardware.

A keypad would solve one of the main complaints on Level’s locks — that there’s no key-less entry option for those not carrying a smartphone (which kids might not have) or a linked NFC keycard. It also gives an option to share separate access codes for guests or workers.

Image: Level via HomeKit News
Level Keypad in use

Delivering a keypad shows that Level has branched out to a more visible system, when previously, the company focused on designs that hide any sign of a smart home. Other smart lock products have already offered keypads as an optional solution for years — many even opting to integrate it to the deadbolt itself, like with the Yale Lock.

The keypad itself is a weather-proof, modern-looking silver touch slate with a white bezel trim. The buttons are all touch-sensitive and LED-backlit. This also marks the first product that has an obvious logo of the company visible to users front and center.

Image: Level
The only details provided about the Keypad

The company says to install this new keypad nearby the lock it will be used with. All of Level’s products use a battery-sipping Bluetooth LE connection, which means fewer hassles with needing to replace batteries. Using Bluetooth does also mean it requires more planning to make sure the connection can reach a compatible hub if you want to use features like HomeKit automations or out of home control.

Level says to expect the keypad to arrive in January 2022. No pricing has yet been made available, though we expect we’ll see more about the Level Keypad at CES next month.

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