Costco members can order the Xbox Series X right now

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

The Xbox Series X console has remained hard to come by, and with the holidays looming the window to get one in time is narrowing. Many retailers have turned to charging for the chance just to buy a console via subscription-based memberships, which is a game that Costco has been playing from the beginning. The warehouse retailer has gotten its fair share of console restocks, and today it has Microsoft’s flagship console available for its members.

You can order the Xbox Series X from Costco right now (or the Halo Edition, if it’s available in your area), which is only sold as a bundle with an extra controller (if you’re signed in, then you can add it directly to your cart by clicking here). You need a paid Costco membership to order this, which you can get here at the retailer’s site for a minimum of $60 per year. While some video games and accessories can be purchased online from Costco by non-members at the cost of an additional fee, consoles are for members only.

These restocks at Costco often sell out quickly, so if you don’t manage to get it this time around be sure to prep your account for success next time by saving your billing and shipping info into your account. Also, be sure to subscribe to our Verge Deals newsletter to get the latest tech deals from our team, direct to your inbox.

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