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Microsoft’s Xbox Series X keeps coming and going, but the next-gen console remains tricky to get a hold of. We just saw it go up for sale at Costco this morning but it did not last long before it sold out. Now, after a PS5 drop, another chance has sprung up at Best Buy.

Right now, you can queue up for the Xbox Series X from Best Buy. The retailer is just selling the console — no bundle required — and it is open to anyone, including those who are not Best Buy Totaltech subscribers. Just click the “Add to Cart” button and be patient while you are put in a digital line. As of right now, Best Buy appears to be releasing stock in waves, meaning you may have a second opportunity even if the console appears to be sold out.

Also, be ready for Best Buy’s site to ask you to verify your information and, if possible, make sure your account is logged in on another tab while you wait in line. Once you’ve added a console to your cart, you’ll be given about 10 minutes to complete your purchase.

These consoles may need to be a late Christmas gift at this point, but, hopefully, you may have some good fortune with a local, in-store pickup.

Xbox accessories and games to go with your console

If you did manage to secure Microsoft’s next-gen console, there are a couple of accessories we recommend picking up alongside the Series X, whether you’re looking for a next-gen shooter, a wireless headset, or this year’s best racing title.


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