In this post we will find all the dates between two date in JavaScript. We will create two variables start date and end date in YYYY-MM-DD format and will find all the date between two dates.

Start and End Dates.

var start_date = new Date(“2021-03-01”),
var end_date = new Date(“2021-03-27”);

Create a function to find all dates.

In this step we will create the function that will return the all the date between start Date and end Date.

var startDate = new Date(“2021-03-01”); //YYYY-MM-DD
var endDate = new Date(“2021-03-22”); //YYYY-MM-DD

var allDate = function(start_date, end_date) {
var date_range = new Array();
var st_date = new Date(start_date);
while (st_date <= end_date) {
let month = (“0” + (st_date.getMonth() + 1)).slice(-2);
let day = (“0” + st_date.getDate()).slice(-2);
let date = [st_date.getFullYear(), month, day].join(“-“);
st_date.setDate(st_date.getDate() + 1);
return date_range;

var dateArr = allDate(startDate, endDate);

// Output
document.write(“<html><body><span>Start Date: ” + startDate + “</span><br>”);
document.write(“<span>End Date: ” + endDate + “</span><br>————<br>”);
document.write(“<span>All Date</span><br>———<br>”)
for (var i = 0; i < dateArr.length; i++) {

document.write(“<span>” + dateArr[i] + “</span><br>”);



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