TCL wants its latest budget tablets to be easy on the eyes

The TCL Nxtpaper 10S tablet reduces blue light by 10 percent. | Image by TCL

TCL introduced a lineup of new tablets at CES this year, which includes its latest iteration of the NxtPaper and budget-friendly Tab series.

The NxtPaper 10S offers a similar “paper-like” display and a focus on combatting eye strain as its eight-inch predecessor. But this isn’t electronic paper. It’s a 10.1-inch IPS display that TCL says reduces blue light by 50 percent and has an anti-glare finish. Unlike the previously released NxtPaper tablet, the 10S comes with a proprietary T Pen to jot down notes and boasts a bigger 8,000mAh battery. The NxtPaper 10S is set to go on sale for $249 in Europe and China next month.

Image: TCL
The budget-friendly TCL Tab 8 comes with 4G LTE connectivity.

TCL’s Tab 8 4G is apparently designed with affordability in mind and appears to be a step down from the 5G Tab Pro that the company released in October of last year. It comes with a 4,080mAh battery and, as its name suggests, the option for 4G LTE connectivity. TCL is releasing this tablet alongside another low-cost option, the Tab 10L, which has a 10.1-inch HD screen but doesn’t support mobile connectivity. The Tab 8 4G will cost $129 and will come to European markets sometime in the first quarter of this year, while the Tab 10L will be priced at just $99 and will be available in “select markets” around the same time.

Image: TCL
The TCL TKEE Mini comes with bumpers to help protect it from drops.

Lastly, TCL’s TKEE series of tablets are built specifically for children and have displays that TCL claims will protect kids’ eyes. There are three tiers: the TKEE Mini, Mid, and Max, with the Mid model being the only one of the bunch that supports 4G connectivity. Each tablet sports a rugged design with bumpers that are supposed to protect it from drops, along with a TKEE Pen that kids can use to draw or write on the tablet. Although the TKEE series was previously launched in India last year, it’s slated for release “in select regions” at the beginning of this year, starting at $89 for the Mini, $149 for the Mid, and $119 for the Max.

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