Cairo, September 26 (QNA) – The Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO) of the Arab League holds Tuesday the Second Arab Conference for Islamic Banks in Cairo under the title “Fintech & Its Role in Developing Islamic Banking Industries”.

In a statement Monday, ARADO stated that the conference intends to lay out the modern digital technology, its roles and impacts on the Islamic banking sector in the Arab region, in addition to highlighting the opportunities and Islamic banking challenges in light of the evolution of fintech.

The conference addresses multiple themes, most important of which are the concepts of fintech and financial Inclusion and their relations to Islamic banking, concepts of encrypted contracts, digital money, digital banks and their services, and electronic payment. It reviews the growth in the field of financial technology and its impact on sustainable development, opportunities and challenges of fintech in the Arab world, as well as the development of digital infrastructure, qualification, and cybersecurity.



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