Doha, October 11 (QNA) – The Qatari Forum for Authors, in cooperation with the Student Activities Department at Qatar University, organized today a new session of the Authors’ Cafe under the title “The Role of the Media in Promoting Culture”.

The session was attended by the media consultant and writer Amal Abdulmalik and the media host Saad Burshaid, a faculty member at the Community College, while it was moderated by Director of Communications at Qatar University, Khawla Mortazavi.

Director General of the Qatari Forum for Authors, Dr. Aisha Jassim Al-Kuwari, confirmed in her speech that the forum seeks, through these events, to support efforts to advance the cultural and creative level of Qatari society and enhance the role of youth by paying attention to intellectual aspects.

Al-Kuwari said that what we are presenting today in this session is another evidence of the relationship of interaction and integration between all fields that intertwine and intersect in different ways.

The convoy of culture does not proceed without education and the media material does not flourish without culture and education, and the success of a sector necessarily leads to the success of the rest of the sectors, which made us keen to enhance cooperation between all sectors.

She pointed out that the “Authors Cafe” platform, since its inception, has shed light on topics that affect the writer and the student alike, to achieve the forums endeavors in revitalizing the cultural movement, coordinating efforts with all relevant authorities, and enhancing awareness of the role of the intellectual and thinker, specifically the writer in building society, leading public opinion and influencing in it positively.

For his part, the Director of the Student Activities Department at Qatar University, Prof. Abdullah Al Mulla, stressed in his comment that Qatar University places building the conscious and educated person at the top of its priorities, considering that culture and arts are no longer a luxury or a means for self-pleasure, but rather have become an obligation and inevitable in light of an open and small world teeming with different cultures.

For his part, the media host Saad Al Borshid considered that culture is the deep foundation of societies, and then the means that highlight this culture with all its features and details, explaining that the integration and intertwining between culture and media made them two sides of the same coin.

As for the media consultant and writer, Amal Abdulmalik, she talked about the impact of social networking sites and their role in alienating young people today from their mother culture due to the great openness that the world is experiencing, in addition to the changes that have occurred in many matters, including education, which she saw as strengthening culture and identity previously, but it has become more deviant to advocate openness and universality.

Amal Abdulmalik called for using social networking sites to promote and protect cultural heritage, stressing the role of influencers in these sites who lead world opinion and direct young people either towards promoting culture or moving away from it.

The “Authors Cafe” platform was launched within the framework of partnership and cooperation between the Department of Culture and Arts in the Student Activities Department at Qatar University, the Culture Department at the Ministry of Culture and the Qatar Authors Forum, and aims to engage students and the university community in general in the cultural movement and inform them of diverse ideas and opinions and constructive dialogue.



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