Doha, November 10 (QNA) – HE Minister of Environment and Climate Change Sheikh Dr. Faleh bin Nasser bin Ahmed bin Ali Al-Thani inaugurated Thursday Dahl Al Misfir Cave site in the southwest of the State of Qatar, which is one of the most important eco-tourism sites to attract the public, after completing a detailed geological research that is considered the first of its kind for the site, in cooperation with Qatar Museums (QM) and ExxonMobil Research.

On this occasion, HE Sheikh Dr. Faleh bin Nasser bin Ahmed bin Ali Al-Thani said that in implementation of the Ministry’s strategy, and within the eco-tourism initiative in the State of Qatar, he is pleased today to announce the opening of Dahl Al Misfir after completing the results of the study conducted by the ExxonMobil Research Qatar in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, which showed the distinctive geological nature of the cave.

His Excellency thanked both ExxonMobil and Qatar Museums for their efforts to study and rehabilitate the site to be safe for visitors, as the site is ready to receive the public during the daytime only, with the need to adhere to security and safety procedures when they visit it.

For his part, President and General Manager of ExxonMobil Qatar Dominic Genetti expressed pleasure with ExxonMobil Qatars support for the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change’s plans to enable nature lovers’ to visit Dahl Al Misfir Cave, stressing the reliance of the center’s scientists and researchers on innovative techniques to make great progress in terms of knowledge and understanding of the scenic natural landmarks, within a framework of constructive cooperation and a common interest in exchanging experiences with the cadres of the Ministry.

He said that Qatar has a beautiful and unique natural environment that deserves to be enjoyed and taken part in by all, expressing gratitude for the fruitful partnership and the great support ExxonMobil Research receives from its important partners such as the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change which support environmental efforts and research work to achieve better and deeper impact.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is cooperating with ExxonMobil in implementing several programs, which include research projects to preserve dugongs in Qatar.

During the past six months, a detailed study of the cave was conducted by ExxonMobil Research team in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to create an informational banner of the cave map, in addition to designing and implementing 3D graphics that visitors can access through the QR Code on the banner.

The team relied on ground survey and mapping techniques, in addition to the new digital technology (LiDAR), to obtain accurate measurements and design detailed visual displays of the cave, including 360-degree panoramic images of its internal features.

An informational banner was designed for the public using innovative technologies, and a page was created on the Ministry’s website that includes all data and information related to the cave. The site was rehabilitated to receive visitors, while Qatar Museums, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, rehabilitated the Dahl Al Misfir site to facilitate visitors’ entry, and to build safe paths, barriers and shades.

In conclusion, HE the Minister of Environment and Climate Change honored the authorities and participants in the study and rehabilitation of the site.

Dahl Al Misfir cave, which is 35 m deep, is located south of Rawdat Rashid area, 40 km from the capital Doha. The exact age of the cave is unknown, but researchers believe that the period of the formation of the cave was less than the age of the surrounding rocks, which are estimated that it formed between 40 and 50 million years ago, based on the sediments found in it.



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