Foreign Journalists to QNA: We Touched Feelings of Friendly, Welcome From Qatari People

Doha, November 29 (QNA) – The fans of Ecuador have strongly supported its national football team and have been believing in its abilities to score further progress beyond its participation in the 22th edition of the world cup tournament, especially that this is the fourth appearance for the Ecuadorian football after its latest appearance in 2014 edition in Brazil, which seems that the winds do not blow as the vessels wish as everything dissipated after losing to Senegal Tuesday.

Teammates of Enner Valencia started the best by outdoing the Qatari team, the owner of the land and the host of fans, with two clean goals, before imposing a 1-1 draw on the Dutch team in its second match, so that the passage card approached the round of 16, where it was enough for the sons of Argentine football manager Gustavo Alfaro to draw, but Senegal team turned around Ecuadorian dreams.

The Ecuadorian fans, along with fans from the Latin America were keen to early attend in Khalifa International Stadium amid the ornament and the traditional songs of the Ecuadorian people who were present in the stadium in Aspire Zone the venue of the celebrations and fan zones.

In statements to Qatar News Agency (QNA), many Ecuadorian fans confirmed that they were fully ready to support their country’s team in his mission to be qualified for the round of 16, and actually the fans occupied the eastern cabins in the stands of the stadium, which were adorned with decorations, along with traditional yellow uniforms, yellow and blue flags amid an atmosphere full of chants, while others exhibited extreme sadness following the loss by 1-2 overthrowing their dreams outside the World Cup, but at the same time they confirmed their happiness for their presence in Doha and their experience in this global atmosphere.

For her part, the journalist Juliette Fernandez, who is visiting the State of Qatar for the second time, confirmed that world cup constituted an opportunity for her citizens to communicate with the people from all over the world, expressing her sadness, because the Ecuadorian team will no longer proceed with the competition, albeit the team scored powerful presence in the tournament, adding that she has touched the friendly and welcome feelings from the Qatari people, indicating all people here in Qatar are keen to demonstrate the best possible image through providing all possible means to complete the success of the tournament.

She confirmed that there are many distinguished destinations in Qatar that she has been keen to visit, including Souq Waqif, Msheireb, the Pearl Island and the popular market in the city of Al-Wakra which offer a modern model of evolution and modernity. 

On the other hand, Uruguayan journalist Ariel Ramilez, who works for an electronic newspaper affiliated with the South American Football Confederation, praised the host’s efforts, pointing out that Qatar had made high-level preparations in all aspects.

Ramilez, who was assigned to cover the Ecuador national team matches added that the Ecuador showed good performance in their three matches and did well today against Senegal, although they couldn’t score the  equalizer to qualify for the round of 16.

He said that he managed to follow several matches during the past ten days of the World Cup and had the chance to witness all World Cup stadiums, expressing his admiration for the state-of-the-art stadiums that will leave a significant future legacy for Qatar.

In conclusion of his statement, Ramirez – who stressed that he would stay in Qatar until the final match that will be held on Dec. 18 at Lusail Stadium – expressed his hope to see Uruguay in the final match, despite their feeble chances, as they have to win their next match against Ghana to qualify for the round of 16 waiting for the goal difference.

In the same regard, Jorge Luis Rodriguez – a Brazilian journalist holding Ecuadorian nationality who works at a Brazilian News Agency besides being a reporter for the official South American Football Confederation website – stressed that the participation of the Qatari national team represented a significant gain despite the results.

In a similar statement, he said that the Qatari fans were not satisfied with the results, honestly, the Qatari national team showed good performance given the fact that they fell into a tough group that includes African champions Senegal, one of the best European teams the Netherlands, and Ecuador that came forth in the Copa America.

Being the first participation for the Qatari national team, the focus indeed will be on their future in the coming competitions in preparation for the next World Cup.

The Brazilian reporter, who covered nine World Cup editions, stressed that based on his previous World Cup coverage, this World Cup edition is exceptional.

The situation in Qatar is different, the easy access to stadiums, no need to move between various cities, and no need for long flights and change of accommodation. The compactness of this World Cup edition made it easy for the media to cover the various matches of the tournament.

For her part, Serina Nundez – a reporter for an Ecuadorian national station – said that she feels said as Ecuador bid farewell to the tournament despite their good performance against Qatar and the Netherlands.

She said that the matches saw a huge number of fans who came to support their national team during all of their matches out of their belief in the fans’ impact on the players’ performance and turning up the heat in the stadiums.

For his part, Emil Pereira – an Ecuadorian journalist and radio broadcaster said that the Ecuadorian team was not luck enough to qualify to the round of 16 despite their good kickstart in the first two matches.

He concluded his statement to QNA by expressing his happiness with being in Qatar and how a great experience it was, to visit this country and learn about its Arabic culture while visiting so many places and that the World Cup stadiums represent a state-of-the-art, hoping to have the opportunity to return to Doha in similar occasions. (QNA)

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