Gulf 25/ Qatari Squad Prepares for Match against UAE Counterpart

Basra, January 11 (QNA) – Qatar national football team began its preparations to face its Emirati counterpart at Al Minaa Stadium in the Iraqi city of Basra on Friday, part of the third round of the group stage within the Group B competitions of the Arabian Gulf Cup tournament (Khaleeji Zain 25).

Portuguese Bruno Miguel Pinheiro led the training session at the Basra International Stadium, in which he addressed the mistakes committed in yesterday’s match against Bahrain, and set tactics for the match against the UAE, based on the performance assessment of the two previous matches against Bahrain and Kuwait, respectively.

The Qatari squad seeks to compensate for the loss it suffered yesterday against its Bahraini counterpart, with two goals to one in the second round of the group stage, and to qualify for the semi-finals.

In this regard, Qatar national team media coordinator Saad Safar Al Kuwari confirmed that the Bahrain match must be left behind, and that the focus should be on the next confrontation against the UAE national team, stressing that preparations are going well in hopes of winning the match.

He added in a statement today that Qatar’s loss against Bahrain only makes Al Adaam get into the match against the UAE with full focus and eagerness to give its best performance.

Qatar national team media coordinator added there are no issues faced in relation to team members’ physical fitness, as all footballers are in good physical state, with no forced substitutions in previous confrontation due to physical weakness, nor were there any injuries.

Al Kuwari concluded his remarks by saying that all team members are ready to present their best performances and are going to play without a sense of pressure, wishing them a great match and success to advance to the semi-finals.

The Qatari squad has three points, and a win over the UAE counterpart will qualify it to the semi-finals, regardless of the result of the Kuwait Vs Bahrain match which will take place simultaneously with the Qatar-UAE match. (QNA)

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