Doha, February 04 (QNA) – The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MoECC) stressed the need to preserve the local environment by keeping it clean and protected, in line with the civilized conduct that characterizes the Qatari people.

MoECC urged desert-goers to clean after themselves and discard litter in its dedicated places, which are in abundance and placed in proximity.

The ministry added that its competent departments intensified the presence of indicative boards to aid visitors protect the environment, as well as to inform them of litter collection sites and vehicle tracks, to allow the growth and flourishing of plants and shrubs, for the common good.

In a related context, the ministry noted that it has carried out extensive cleaning campaigns in numerous desert meadows across the country, cleaning litter left by desert-goers, in addition to rehabilitating those sites and returning them to their natural state.

The ministry warned desert-goers against dumping waste in desert meadows and natural reserves, calling for good conduct, in compliance with Islamic teachings which urge Muslims to maintain public cleanliness, and to protect the environment and places of public benefit.

MoECC indicated that it conducts several patrols throughout the day to record any violations, warning against committing them, be it littering desert meadows and natural sites, or driving outside designated vehicle tracks, with the responsible authorities imposing penalties as stipulated in the law. (QNA)


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