Doha, April 02 (QNA) – Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), in collaboration with the Al Faisal Without Borders Foundation (Alf), has launched its Ramadan field campaign for voluntary blood donation and organ donation for the tenth year. The campaign will continue throughout Ramadan and Eid holidays.

The annual Ramadan campaign for voluntary blood and organ donation aims to maintain the continuity of blood donation and to ensure HMCs blood bank has sufficient blood supplies in its strategic stock during the holy month.

The campaign also aims to encourage the public to donate blood and consider giving the gift of life and registering to become organ donors and to promote a culture of organ donation in the society.

The campaign has achieved remarkable success in the past and has succeeded in attracting large numbers of blood and organ donors.

The Blood Donation Center and the Qatar Organ Donation Center (Hiba) are implementing their plan to organize field campaigns and benefit from Ramadan activities that are taking place throughout the holy month in large malls and popular cultural, social, and youth centers across the country.

Launching the organ donation campaign in the Month of Ramadan is part of the national campaign carried out by Qatar Organ Donation Center throughout the year.

This public campaign launched across Doha and other cities to attract citizen and resident donors to be part of the national program for Qatar Organ Donation Center at Hamad Medical Corporation.

“Al Faisal Without Borders is committed to charitable work and each year we establish a significant booth in the City Center Shopping Mall for blood and organ donation to deliver the message to citizens and residents. Our partnership with Hamad Medical Corporation confirms the community engagement of Al Faisal Without Borders and as a contribution to achieve Qatar Vision 2030, said His Excellency Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al-Thani.

HE Sheikh Faisal also urged the public to interact with the blood and organ donation campaign for its importance to the healthcare sector and patient service and extended his thanks to Hamad Medical Corporation on such significant campaign held annually.

Ali Abdulla Al Khater, highlighted the importance of the significant partnership between Hamad Medical Corporation and Al Faisal Without Borders and appreciated the efforts of HE Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al-Thani and Al Faisal Without Borders Foundation.

“The continued success achieved every year by the blood and organ donation campaign represents the great awareness of the public to support and enrich the blood bank supplies in addition to their initiative to register themselves as organ donors when they pass away,”

Al Khater said. “The remarkable success is achieved by the fruitful cooperation between HMC and Al Faisal Without Borders and we would like to extend our thanks to all the supporters and we hope the campaign contributes to spread the donation culture of lifes gift whether blood or organs.”

Dr. Riyad Fadel said during the campaign medical, nursing, and administrative staff of the (Hiba) center’s awareness booth interact with members of the general public to explain the center’s vision, mission, and objectives.

“Inquiries from the public regarding organ donation and how crucial it is to saving lives are answered by the medical team. Registration for organ donation is also facilitated for those who wish to join, and donors can receive their donor card on the spot,” Dr. Riadh added. “The booths of the national campaign for organ donation in ten large shopping centers which are: the City Center Shopping Mall, Abu Sidra Shopping Mall, Grand Mall in the Asian City in Doha, Grand Mall in Mekainees, Le Vendome Mall, Ansar Gallery in Barwa City, Al Rayyan, Al Matar, Safari Mall in Abu HAmour and Al Khor.

“In October of the previous year, the Qatar Organ Donation Center announced that more than half a million donors had registered to donate organs after death. This represents nearly 25 percent of the adult population in the State of Qatar, which is a significant accomplishment when compared to the population. With 83 living donors and 35 deceased organ donors, the year 2022 saw the highest number of organ donors since the country’s organ transplantation program began. All donors were honored in a special event and Dr. Riyadh expressed gratitude to the families of organ donors and noted the strong public support for the nation’s organ donation efforts.”
HMC officials expressed their thanks and appreciation to the public and to all other participating institutions and malls for their support and hosting of the blood donation and organ donation campaign during the holy month.

According to Siddiqa Al Mahmoudi, these large-scale campaigns for voluntary blood donation that are started during the month of Ramadan help to ensure a stock of up to 100 percent of the blood groups. This is due to the significant efforts made by Hamad Medical Corporation to promote the significance of blood donation among all people and groups in the society.

“To encourage blood donors, the blood donation team is available in the Ramadan campaign ward on the first floor of the City Center Mall from 7:30 pm until midnight, and the mobile blood donation unit is also available in different locations in malls, shopping centers, and markets. The main blood donation in its new location is open from 6pm until midnight for blood donors,” Al Mahmoudi said.



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