Doha, Qatar – xx February 2024 – Dukhan Bank announced the names of the most recent round of draw winners for Thara’a, its Shariah compliant savings account, at the Bank’s headquarters.

The draw was conducted under the supervision of a representative of the qualitative license and market control department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

As the draw results showed, a cash prize worth 5,000 Qatari Riyals was awarded to Bibibakhiyar Mahoudinowdaz, Ibrahim Al-Abdulla, Nabil Allahham, Sameer Khan, Najat Al-Muslemani, Amroo Haikal, Shaikh Munawaruddin, Aldana Al-Saad, Naseer Cheruvote, Salem Al-Qitairi, Abdu


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