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Doha, November 10 (QNA) – The stadiums cooling technology for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 represents one of the prominent success stories for the preparations being made to host the tournament stemming from the place the innovation and sustainability have occupied amid preparations for organizing the first edition of the tournament in the Arab world, as the State of Qatar has been committed to presenting its bid to host the tournament and promised to develop an innovative cooling technology for the tournament stadiums in pursuit of reducing the summer temperature during the competitions that are normally held either in June or July throughout the previous editions of the tournament.

Notwithstanding, the tournament competitions are hosted in November and December while the temperature in Qatar ranges between 18-24 degrees Celsius which are considered perfect atmospheres for the footballers and fans, However, the State of Qatar has fulfilled its promise and presented the cooling sporting edifices and facilities through the utilization of an innovative cooling technology, and the country was keen to ensure that the technology should not be patented for the sake of offering an opportunity to be further utilized worldwide.

In addition, Khalifa International Stadium was the first tournament stadiums that witnessed the commissioning of the new cooling system during its inauguration in May 2017, and the innovative technology was incorporated into the construction of other six tournament stadiums, in addition to using it in the cooling process for a plethora of facilities across the State of Qatar.

The innovative technology offers hosting of major competitions and events during the whole year through cooling of sports facilities, supermarkets and farms that contributes to bolstering the food security in the country. Likewise, such energy-saving sophisticated technology comes as a fruit of the close relation between the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) and Qatar University, where a team spearheaded by Professor of Mechanical Engineering at QU Dr. Saud Abdul Ghani managed to create the cooling technology after Qatar was declared a winner to host the tournament.

Engineer of stadiums cooling technology for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Dr. Saud Abdul Ghani emphasized that his study to have the PhD degree addressed the ventilation process in vehicles, and from there his project was launched to create a cooling technology system in the seven stadiums based on the design dedicated to each stadium, adding that solar energy is utilized in generating the essential power to cool the air by pulling it to the stadium followed by a vacuum process to intake the cooled air to be further cooled and filtrated and ultimately be brought to the direction of fans and footballers in the stadium by creating orifices on the ground sides of the stadium and underneath the fans seats.

He indicated that pressure on the cooling systems will be limited during the tournament competitions in November and December, thanks to the moderate weather in the country during this period of year, confirming that the systems will contribute to providing a comfort atmosphere to the footballers and fans during this anticipated event, pointing out that such technology represents a paradigm shift that would create a concrete change in the countries that encounter hot weather, adding that the technology is utilized in similar cooling systems in several areas in the State of Qatar, including Katara Plaza, a farm in Al Khor area to produce vegetables and fruits for local consumption.



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