Anker has announced the B600 Video Bar, a nifty video conferencing toolkit that houses everything that meeting-goers need. It rests upon your monitor (or TV), and the webcam portion of the Video Bar features a 2K sensor capable of 30 frames per second capture. It offers field-of-view adjustment, autofocus, and like most fancy webcams these days, it supports an AI-powered zoom feature and image enhancement. Within the device, there’s also a microphone array. It uses an AI algorithm to make noisy environments sound quiet on the other end.

The Video Bar also packs two features that aren’t commonly included with a webcam: a key light and speakers. I’d assume that a large percentage of people who work from home don’t have ideal lighting during their video calls, and this should help you look a bit more lively and, perhaps, a bit more professional. Anker touts a feature called MagicSight that’s offered in the Video Bar, which can make automatic lighting adjustments. There’s also a front-facing slider that can make lighting adjustments on the fly. More tweaks to color temperature and brightness can be made within an app.

Those speakers that I mentioned early are just a nice perk. I doubt they provide amazing quality, but it’s probably going to be convenient for people who don’t like to manage cables. Gizmodo reports that the Video Bar will cost $220 and launch on January 25th.


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