Doha, February 05 (QNA) – The Ministry of Labor received about 7,231 new recruitment requests, of which 5,041 were approved and 2,190 were rejected, while the total number of requests to change one’s profession reached about 3,924, of which 3,721 were approved and 203 were rejected, the Ministry’s monthly statistical bulletin for the month of January 2023 revealed on Sunday.

According to the bulletin issued by the Ministry of Labor today, the number of work permit applications submitted to the ministry during the month of January amounted to about 2,321 applications, including 1,221 applications for permit renewal, 735 applications for issuing a new permit, and 365 applications for canceling issued permits.

In terms of inspection visits to labor recruitment offices, the statistical bulletin showed that the ministry carried out about 88 inspection tours of recruitment offices, with 74 visits ending with acceptance, issuing 10 warnings to remove a violation, issuing one report, and issuing decisions to completely close three recruitment offices.

During the month of January, the Labor Inspection Department carried out intensive inspection campaigns to monitor the extent to which establishments comply with laws and ministerial decisions concerned with regulating the labor market in the country, with a total number of 3,659 inspection visits in various regions, which resulted in recording 738 violations, issuing 479 alerts, and the suspension of dealings with 72 establishments as a result of the inspection.

With regard to Labor complaints, the statistical bulletin showed that the HR Department received complaints from the establishment’s workers against the establishment with about 2718 complaints, of which 610 complaints were settled, 276 of them were referred to the Labor dispute settlement committees, and about 1832 complaints remained under procedure.

According to the monthly statistical bulletin regarding the Labor dispute settlement committees, the number of cases referred to the dispute settlement committees during the past month amounted to about 1,350 cases, and the total number of decisions issued by the labor dispute settlement committees reached about 579 decisions, and the total number of decisions that are still under procedure reached about 945. (QNA)


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