Doha, February 05 (QNA) – Qatar Media Center (QMC) of the Ministry of Culture organized Sunday evening at its headquarters a seminar entitled ‘social media as media platforms, did it pass the test?’.

Led by presenter Buthaina Abdul Jalil, the seminar brought together a host of researchers and specialists, and discussed many topics, including the role of social media as news platforms, and its impact on the users’ psychological and social status. The panel also discussed the most prominent laws related to the news industry on social media platforms.

In an exclusive statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Director of QMC Iman Al Kaabi said the seminar hosted many guests and participants and saw a wide exchange of views.

The QMC hosts seminars that motivate the public to contribute to their outputs, leading to the formation of a general vision regarding multiple fields, Al Kaabi said, highlighting the subject of today’s seminar that discussed the contributions of the social media as news platforms, with a focus on some aspects, which still seem to represent drawbacks in the work of the social media.

The QMC seeks to elevate interaction between the public and the meaningful content creators by holding workshops that contribute to qualifying those wishing to enter these fields, or by discussing the most prominent contributions of the social media and its impact on society, Al Kaabi told QNA.

Psychology specialist Dr. Mohammad Al Anzi highlighted to QNA the seminar’s approaches to understanding the psychological aspect of media professionals and social media activists, adding that the ethics of the communication process and the tools it needs to effectively influence others.

Journalist Amal Abdel Malik said the social media outperformed the traditional media outlets in delivering the news and creating interaction regarding it. But she stressed the need for social media platforms to be professional and credible in covering all news, adding that the rapid circulation of information that are sometimes inaccurate is one of its disadvantages.

Lawyer Hamad Al Yafei stressed the interconnectedness of the law and the media and the role of the law in regulating the process of communication and publishing on the social media.

Since the outset of 2023, the QMC held many training workshops and multiple events to train, qualify and prepare those aspiring to start their media career, he said.



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