Doha, April 02 (QNA) – Protection and Social Rehabilitation Center (AMAN) of the Qatar Social Work participated at the Ramadan Book Fair organized by the Ministry of Culture, represented by the Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Events Center through the “my book is my friend” initiative, providing several book and children stories vending machines, contributing to achieving the Center’s strategy of educating children and manifesting the principle of community partnership.

In this context, Director of the Communication and Media office at AMAN center, Hanan Al Ali, emphasized AMAN’s keenness in participating in local cultural exhibitions and present AMAN’s contributions to child awareness and education through the “my book is my friend” initiative, whose vending machines were designed according to specific specifications for children such as height, ease of use, instructions and the book selections.

She added that these devices are distributed at children gathering locations such as malls, gaming areas, cinemas, public parks, and children’s clinics, noting the keenness of AMAN’s community awareness department at designing new and innovative programs for the benefit and protection of children.

Al Ali added that AMAN utilizes technology to attract kids and achieve its vision and mission of social protection and violence reduction, emphasizing that AMAN participates annually in the initiative at the Doha International Book Fair, in addition to providing awareness workshops for children.

The Protection and Social Rehabilitation Center (AMAN) is concerned with protecting and rehabilitating women and children victims of violence and family rift and reintegrating them into society.



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