The world was drastically affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. Businesses shut down, schools closed, transport ceased, and construction stopped. Or, did it? While everything seemed to be put on indefinite hold, word of new projects in Qatar spread around.

While everyone was looking elsewhere, construction in Qatar did not stop! Qatar’s original projections for construction did not see a significant decrease, and construction resumed despite the pandemic.

Also, the country was awarded two contracts at the beginning of 2021, worth US$16 Bn by Qatar Petroleum and Qatargas. What’s more, the Qatar construction market is expected to boom in 2021 due to many substantial new projects.

So, as we can see, Qatar is not planning to pull the breaks any time soon. With the increase in oil prices, the construction activity in the country will further increase. Thus, we can expect a lot of new projects that will become famous worldwide once they are done!

But, which are those projects that we keep on mentioning? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

New Projects for the FIFA World Cup

So, as you may or may not know, the FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar next year. Thus, Qatar needs to prepare perfectly for the biggest football event in the world!

Well, how will Qatar prepare? With new projects, of course! The FIFA World Cup will be held in eight different stadiums that will be spread throughout Qatar. Two of the stadiums are already complete and are ready for the players. Those stadiums are the Khalifa International Stadium and the Al Janoub Stadium.

By the end of 2021, the other six stadiums will be ready. However, since we’re talking about new projects here, let’s take a more detailed look into the brand new six stadiums for the Qatar FIFA World Cup!

Al Rayyan Stadium

One of the multiple new projects in Qatar is the Al Rayyan Stadium. The construction of the stadium is taking place on the grounds of the old Ahmed bin Ali Stadium. The Ahmed bin Ali Stadium was demolished in 2015 to make room for the new one.

The new stadium will have a glowing façade with geometric shapes, and it will strive to tell the story of Qatar. What’s more, it will have a capacity of approximately 40,740 seats. After the World Cup ends, half of the 40,740 seats will be removed and donated to football development projects abroad.

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Also, it will have a large media façade that will show commercials, projections, news, updates, information about the current tournament, and matches. Therefore, if people cannot see everything on the pitch, they will catch every moment thanks to the unique façade.

So, not only will this stadium house many FIFA World Cup games, but it will also serve a more significant cause. The donation will help to kick-start many development projects in the future. Thus, the stadium will not only be one of the new projects for Qatar, but it will also help other new projects worldwide!

The developers will carry out the construction by reusing 90% of the rubble left behind from the demolition of the Ahmed bin Ali Stadium. Also, if the wreckage is not reused for the stadium, it will be reused for public art projects.

The All-New Al Bayt Stadium

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Next on the new projects list is the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, Qatar. It will have the shape of a giant tent, which will represent the nomadic tribes of Qatar in the desert. Also, it will have 60,000 seats and a retractable roof. So, if the weather is correct, the players will be able to play under the sunlight, and if not, the referees won’t stop the games due to unfavorable weather.

Exciting fact alert – the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup will be held at the Al Bayt Stadium. It will kick off the tournament and set the games in motion! As we mentioned, the stadium will be in the shape of a tent. So, a roof will cover the spectators’ seats.

What’s more, the stadium will have luxury suites and hotel rooms. Consequently, guests in those rooms will be able to see the football field from their balconies. Also, the stadium will have a vast parking area and available means of transportation. The parking will be able to house 6,000 cars, and also 350 busses will be available for the football fans. And if that wasn’t enough, 1,000 taxis and water taxis will be at your disposal!

Al Thumama Stadium

So, as the name states, the Al Thumama Stadium will be in Al Thumama, Qatar. The stadium will be near the Hamad International Airport. The design of the stadium will be genuinely unique.

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Namely, the taqiyah hat is the inspiration for the design. Men and boys in the Middle East wear the traditional taqiyah hat, so this stadium also strives to project Qatar and its culture. Also, a public park will surround the stadium, and it will have a capacity of 40,000 seats.

The stadium is one of the new projects that will serve another cause after the World Cup ends. The stadium will house a boutique hotel that will open on-site. The hotel will be a branch of the world-famous Aspetar Sports Clinic.  

The Education City Stadium

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Next on the list of new projects in Qatar is the Education City Stadium. People also call the stadium the “Diamond in the Desert.” Why? The stadium has a geometric diamond shape; hence people calling it the “Diamond in the Desert.”

The location of the Education City Stadium is in Al Rayyan, Qatar. It will have approximately 45,350 seats, and after the World Cup, the capacity will decrease to 25,000 seats. The developers will distribute the remaining seats as donations to build stadiums in developing countries.

Also, the stadium is one of the world’s most environmentally sustainable stadiums because 20% of the building materials are green materials.

Lusail Stadium

The next stadium on the list gets its name from the city of Lusail, Qatar. Lusail Stadium will host the final of the FIFA World Cup in 2022. It has a capacity of 80,000 seats. So, many consider the stadium the most important one for the World Cup as it will host the finals.

Similar to its predecessors, Lusail Stadium will donate half of its seats. The venue will then be used as a stadium, as well as a community space. The community space will have cafes, shops, a health clinic, and athletic and education facilities.

It will have a circular form, and there will be a reflective pool of water around it. The audience can cross the water via six bridges and enter the stadium. Qatar really isn’t sparing any expense on this one, huh.

The roof is retractable, so the players can play under an open sky when the weather is suitable or under a closed roof if it is not. The stadium will also provide parking space and service areas. Also, the parking spaces and services areas will be covered with solar collectors. The solar collectors will produce energy for the stadium when it is in use. What’s more, the solar collectors will generate power for buildings that are nearby.

Lusail Stadium will be a truly unique stadium with many purposes. The developers expect it to be a driver for the further development of Lusail City. What a project!

974 Stadium

The last stadium on the new projects for the FIFA World Cup list is the 974 Stadium in Doha, Qatar. The stadium will have a capacity of 40,000 seats, and its design is truly inspirational.

Namely, the developers will design the stadium by using shipping containers that are recycled. Also, it is the first-ever temporary World Cup stadium because it will be dismantled after the World Cup ends.

The 974 Stadium will overlook the Doha skyline, and it will be located along the Gulf shores.

The stadium part of the new projects in Qatar is done! Now, let’s move on to other exciting new projects!

Lusail City

The developers plan to make Lusail City a futuristic and sustainable city, and the project is one of the most significant development projects in Qatar at the moment. Lusail City will be in the southern part of the municipality of Al Dayeen. Also, the developers estimate that the city will be able to accommodate 450,000 people.

So, in shorter terms, they are building a whole new city from the ground up. We have to say, fascinating things are happening in Qatar right now. The project is worth about US$45 Bn and will cover 38 square kilometers.

Lusail, Qatar- 19 October 2021: The beautiful newly developing city with many skyscrapers , shot during sunrise

Lusail City will include four exclusive islands and nineteen residential, entertainment, commercial, and mixed-use districts. Also, it will have marinas, luxury shopping facilities, and a golf course community. What’s more, the city will have a tram network to reduce emissions from vehicles and save energy. The tram network will have four lines connecting the districts in Lusail City.

The developers of this project are Qatari Diar, Parsons Corporation, and Dorsch-Gruppe. They plan for the city to be highly luxurious and attractive to tourists. And with the islands, malls, marinas, and entertainment districts, their plan sure seems to be full-proof.

The most exciting part is that the city will have sixteen floating hotels. Yes, floating hotels. Not sure what that means, but we will be waiting impatiently to see those floating hotels!

New Projects Relating to Water Storage

According to KAHRAMAA, the project developers’ need for their endeavor comes from Qatar’s substantial growth and development. Since Qatar is developing at incredible speeds, the water demand is increasing.

Thus, the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) is undertaking a project to provide seven days of strategic water storage. They will provide seven days of potable water storage in their new mega reservoirs while keeping the water quality up to KAHRAMAA and World Health Organization standards.


The Water Security Mega Reservoirs Project will have two phases. In the first phase, KAHRAMAA will build five mega reservoir sites. Thus, it will provide seven days of storage for the expected water demand up to 2026. In the second phase, they will develop additional reservoir sites and meet the expected demand for 2036.

Other than reservoirs, KAHRAMAA will build pumping stations at five locations. Also, the developers expect to have a total storage capacity of nearly 3,800 million gallons of water which is approximately 14,384,564,840 liters. It is difficult to imagine the number in real life, but they hope to achieve it when the two phases are done.

The project is worth around QR14.5 Bn and is the largest of its kind in the world!

The Expansion of Hamad Airport

The expansion of the Hamad Airport is set to be a “world-first.” The development includes 11,720 square meters of space for retail and food and beverages sections. Also, get ready for the next one. The airport will have an indoor tropical garden and a water feature. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. The airport will have a tropical garden inside.

The expansion will be a true trendsetter and will offer a one-of-a-kind experience to travelers. The indoor garden will occupy 10,000 square meters, and the water feature 268 square meters. The project has two phases.

DOHA, QATAR – FEB 28, 2020: Interior of Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar

In phase one, the developers will create a central concourse that will link concourses D and E. The second phase will be about expanding the two concourses further. The expansion will increase the airport’s capacity. Namely, the airport will have space for more than 60 million passengers per year.

The project’s goal is to provide a unique and improved airport experience to millions of people worldwide. Also, the developers got the idea because of the World Cup. Namely, they want to make the airport more suitable and fun for the many fans that will attend the FIFA World Cup. Also, they want to keep up with the continuous passenger increase of Qatar Airways.

It’s safe to say that Qatar is taking the hosting of the World Cup to another level. We have a feeling that the next World Cup will be a trendsetter for the others to come.

New Projects Regarding Qatar’s North Field Expansion

Qatar Petroleum has a brand new project underway. The project’s engineering, procurement, and construction contract are worth more than US$500 million. The project aims to expand Qatar’s North Field. The expansion will handle liquid products from four new LNG trains, and it will start before the end of 2025. The four new LNG trains are a part of the North Field East (NFE) Project. What’s more, the North Field South (NFS) Project will support two new LNG trains.

Aerial view oil and gas industrial, Refinery factory oil storage tank and pipeline steel at night

A company from Spain, Técnicas Reunidas, will oversee the expansion of existing liquid products’ storage and loading facilities. The liquid products include condensate, propane, and butane. Also, the North Field Expansion Project consists of an increase in the import facilities for mono-ethylene glycol and other ancillary facilities and pipelines.

The NFE project will most likely boost Qatar’s LNG production capacity from 77 million tonnes per annum to 110 million tonnes per annum. Also, the NFS project will increase Qatar’s LNG production capacity further, to 126 million tonnes per annum.

25 Dhow Boats

The restoration of 25 dhow boats is a part of the Service Excellence program in Qatar. The program aims to revive the heritage of Qatar and improve the customer experience. Also, the program’s goal is to boost customer experience at every level while preserving the Qatari heritage.

Also, Qatari Tourism added more amenities to the dhow boats, intending to elevate passenger comfort further and provide high-quality service. The boats are restored and upgraded, but Qatari Tourism will preserve the exterior to retain the authentic traditional design.

Traditional dhow boat in Doha, Qatar.

The dhow boats received LED lights for better visibility and amenities that will provide maximum comfort and safety. Qatari Tourism’s project involves three phases. Phase one is still in the works – 62% of the first phase has already been completed. Also, the first phase will end with the restoration and improvement of 40 licensed dhow boats on the Corniche.

In the second phase, Qatari Tourism will modernize marinas and jetties. Also, it will add comfortable waiting rooms and new ticket offices. The final step will focus on the workforce’s training and certification.

Qatar’s Nationwide Electric Vehicle Project

By 2022, Qatar plans to convert 25% of public transport to electric transport. Also, Qatar intends to finish the project by 2030 by converting 100% of public transport to electrically-powered.

Also, the plans for the project include establishing an integrated network of electric car chargers across many different locations. Namely, the developers will install over 600 charging devices. Also, they will convert the public bus services, government school buses, and Doha’s Metro buses to fully electric vehicles.

The reason behind the project is to reduce harmful carbon emissions and to maintain environmental sustainability. Mowasalat (Karwa) and other national companies will develop the project.

New Projects in Qatar: Ain Sinan Substation

The “Ain Sinan” substation developer is Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA). The goal of the project is to raise the capacity and efficiency of the electrical transmission network. The substation costs US$19 million.

The “Ain Sinan” substation will supply electric power to the surrounding residential areas. It will have two transformers of 40 mega volt-amperes and overhead lines with a length of 13,623 kilometers. The opening of the substation is a part of the corporation’s effort to provide services according to the highest standards of reliability in its electrical network.

What’s best, KAHRAMAA finished the project without injuries or accidents among the workers. In continuance, the lack of injuries and accidents positively affected the project’s productivity and achievements.

Qatar-UAE Natural Gas Pipeline

People also call the project the “Dolphin Gas Project.” The pipeline begins in Qatar and ends in Taweelah in the United Arab Emirates. It intersects with other small pipelines that move through the UAE and branch out to Oman.

The constructor and operator of the project are Dolphin Energy. The Dolphin Project is one of the biggest trans-border energy projects in the Middle East. It brings natural gas from Qatar to the United Arab Emirates via pipelines. It is worth US$7 billion and brings together three Gulf Cooperation Council nations. Also, it is the first of its kind.

Now, Dolphin Energy plans to expand the pipeline’s capacity. It will do so by adding three new compressors to the six that already exist. Also, to do so, Dolphin Energy raised US$863 million in debt from BNP Paribas, MUFG, and SMBC.

Lusail Towers

The Lusail Towers will expand across 1.1 million square meters and represent a landmark project in Qatar. The towers will serve as headquarters for the Qatar National Bank, Qatar Central Bank, and Qatar Investment Authority. Also, they will host other global organizations.

The designer of the project is Foster + Partners. Also, the project’s design was influenced by climate, and it will have a human-scale streetscape.


Two of the towers will be 70-storeys high, while the other two will be 50-storeys high. The towers will have marine-grade aluminum façades, which will provide shade from the harsh sun rays in Qatar.

Also, the towers will recycle and reuse greywater, rainwater, and condensate for irrigation and toilet flushing. Doing so will decrease the demand for potable water significantly. Shops, cafes, and restaurants will surround the towers.

The West Bay North Beach Project

The West Bay North Beach project is stationed along the business district in Doha. It is 10 minutes away from the West Bay Metro Station. Also, it is close to many shopping outlets, parks, and hotels.

The first phase of the project will provide six beaches for hotels surrounding West Bay. The beaches will help to enhance tourism. The second phase of the project will be announced at an unknown later date.

Not only will the project enhance tourism, but it will also provide unique entertainment for tourists and residents. The developers expect that the project will become a prominent tourist attraction in Qatar.

Also, the developers expect to finish the project by August 2022. So, it will be ready just in time for the peak tourist season.

The project will encompass a total of 13 beaches. One of the beaches will be public, and the other 12 will be private. Also, the project will offer many cafes on the beaches and play areas. In addition, the project will offer 900 parking spaces and 60 parking spots for bicycles. What’s more, the developers will provide facilities for walking, jogging, and cycling.

New Projects Regarding Education

Qatar is developing new projects that concern education. Namely, the United School International is an upcoming project that will be done by August 2022. It will be located in Doha, Qatar. More specifically, the school will be situated on the Viva Bahriya roundabout.

United School International will accommodate up to 2,600 students. It will include students from the ages of 3 to 18 years old. “Orbital Education” will operate the school. They will build and manage the school as part of the aspirations of The Pearl-Qatar to be a fully integrated city.

The school will have three floors with 102 classrooms. There will be classrooms for art and music. Also, the school will have a drama studio, audiovisual and recording studio, and high-tech science laboratories.

The school will follow a British curriculum. Also, it will have many outdoor facilities. Namely, the school will have an outdoor football pitch and outdoor basketball, tennis, and netball courts. What’s more, the school will provide its students with many indoor activities. United School International will have dance and fitness studios, a semi-Olympic indoor pool, and a multi-purpose indoor sports hall.

Qatar’s “Largest” Expansion Project of Fishing Ports

Grab your fishing poles for this one. Qatar will soon have better and bigger fishing ports across the whole country. The expansion of the fishing ports started with the goal of increasing fish production in Qatar.

Source: Twitter: @albaladiya

The project includes the development of fishing ports in Al Wakra, Al Khor, Al Ruwais, and Al Thakhira Jetty. The developer of the project is the UrbaCon Trading and Contracting Company (UCC). The Qatar Ports Management Company is supervising the project. Also, many consider the project to be among the most critical national programs and projects under the second National Development Strategy 2018-22.

The Al Wakra, Al Khor, and Al Thakhir Jetty ports are completed entirely. However, the Ruwais port is at 95% and will be completed soon. The expansion involves establishing floating berths for ships and fishermen’s boats. It also includes parking and is set to solve the overcrowding of boats and vessels in fishing ports. The official count for the project is 69 marine berths for ships and three berths for security patrolling boats at Al Thakhira fishing Jetty.

Air-Conditioned Parks

Yes, you read that right – air-conditioned parks. Qatar is diving into a future filled with world-firsts. Parks with fully air-conditioned tracks are next on the new projects list in Qatar. Indeed, we have never seen a project such as this one.

Ashghal, along with the environment ministry, will build three new parks. Namely, we are talking about the Al Gharafa, the Umm Al Saneem, and the Rawdat Al Khail parks. Those three parks will be a part of history.

Two of the three parks will have air-conditioned tracks for recreational activities. Namely, the parks will have air-conditioned tracks for walking, exercising and cycling. Thus, they will be the only parks in the world with such technology.

Also, the parks will have playgrounds for children’s sports and activities. What’s more, they will be divided into two areas: for kids aged from two to four and six and 12 years old. The project’s goal is to boost physical activity and sports and a healthier lifestyle for the community.

Qetaifan Island

Qetaifan Projects is developing its own island. The Qetaifan Island North is near Lusail City, Qatar. The island will span over 1.3 million square meters, with 129,296 square meters for water parks.

Also, the island will be a source of peak entertainment for families. It features diversified waterfronts, luxurious hotels, pedestrian-friendly streets, and many world-class facilities.

What’s more, the island has an artificial Salt Lake, where visitors can fish, go on boat rides, and do other family-oriented activities. The island has seven private beaches with a clubhouse that offers a large number of activities. So, the developer expects that visitors will never get bored on the island. Consequently, the visitors will not want to leave!

The park has a modern design with many amenities and places to visit. The project is nearly done and will open at the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

The View Hospital Qatar

The View Hospital will be a state-of-the-art facility near Lusail, Katara, and The Pearl Qatar. More specifically, visitors and residents will be able to find the hospital in the Al Qutaifiya area. It will open in August 2022. Elegancia Healthcare, along with Cedars-Sinai, will operate and manage the hospital.


The hospital will have 242 beds, 11 NICUs, and 8 CCUs. Also, it will have six labor, delivery, and recovery rooms. In addition to that, the “View Hospital” will have 12 intensive care units.

The hospital will provide surgeries and routine medical check-ups done by teams of medical experts and professionals. Also, the hospital will provide all kinds of accommodation. From deluxe rooms, ambassador suites to elegant presidential suites, the hospital will have it all!

Final Words on the New Projects in Qatar

We can see that Qatar is going above and beyond to accommodate its future tourists and residents. Qatar expects a massive increase in visitors due to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and the country is sparing no expense in its development.

Not only is Qatar building new world-class stadiums, but it is also developing innovative crossings and building a whole city from scratch. Qatar is truly the number one country when it comes to new projects and developments. There is no other country like it at the moment.

So, after seeing what is in store, it will be a shame not to visit Qatar soon. Also, the country offers infinite development opportunities, and with them many job positions.

All in all, one thing is sure. Qatar is the place to be now, and it offers a multitude of opportunities. Also, we cannot ignore the bright light that is shining upon us from Qatar’s future. It will only go up from here!

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